We provide domiciliary care and online services to young people, adults, and senior citizens.

We provide home care services for everyone seeking our help

As a business run by a family, we understand the importance of caring for our loved ones and so we offer a range of services to showcase this.

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About Easy Light Healthcare

Our Principle

Easy Light Healthcare Ltd.

Easy Light Healthcare is a comprehensive home care and online intervention provider based on sound principles that promote and make independent living achievable.

Whilst caring for service users of different age groups, needs, and lifestyle, they have all chosen to live in an environment familiar to them- their own home. We aim to maintain or improve clients’ independence whenever possible by providing support to help maintain their daily lifestyle and routine.

A bespoke care plan and support are provided for everyone seeking our help, whether help to get dressed and ready for the day, help around and about, companionship, CBT or something else. Our care services are focused, reliable, dependable, and compassionate to attend to clients’ needs and preferences.

As a business run by a family, we understand the importance of caring for our loved ones and so we offer a range of services to showcase this.

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Our Services

ELHC is a domiciliary care provider working closely with service users and their families by providing person-centred care and online intervention which are tailored to the needs of the individual service user. The services we provide include but not limited to:

  • Social duties to include engaging with clients, enabling, motivating, and companionship.
  • Monitoring duties to include medication, health related activities, recording, and undertaking other tasks where appropriate.
  • Maintenance duties to include shopping, food prep, pension collection.
  • Personal care to include washing, dressing, bathing, toileting.
  • Providing online assessment and therapeutic intervention (CBT, DBT, and Behavioural Activation) for adults with mental health challenges.
  • Providing neurodevelopmental screening for adults with (ASD/ADHD) and specialist care such as emotional dysregulation for any adults with mental / physical health, and learning difficulties who are struggling to access health care services.