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Frequently Asked Question

A self referral can be made by anyone with a mental capacity from 17 years and older. Other adults, including parents/guardians with parental responsibility and agencies, can also make a referral to our service on another's behalf. We will contact you either on the phone or arrange a virtual meeting with you to further understand your needs and requirements. We will provide a person-centred, bespoke and holistic care package for your loved one. A member of the team will be happy to answer any questions and support you to complete any forms for your convenient.

Firstly, the member of the Easy Light Healthcare (ELHC) team will probably ask you about your family, such as if you have any siblings. From this they will usually make a family tree, which will help them to understand if there are any family difficulties that may be causing you distress (such as divorce or abuse), and discover the kind of relationship you have with your family. They will also likely ask your parent/guardian about your childhood, which will help them to see if the issues you are facing have been existing for a long time. This part will usually be done with your parent/guardian in the room.

After this, our member will like to see you separately if you would prefer, and you will talk about the reasons for using our services, what you intend to happen, and if you are kin to have a therapy. You will be asked questions surrounding the issues that were described by the person who sent the referral (if not a self-referral). These questions will vary depending on the issues and difficulties that you are facing. From this, the ELHC staff will discuss some techniques that they think could help you cope better such as breathing exercises. Then, your parent/guardian will be asked to come back in, and you will discuss the best ways forward to help you in your recovery.

Your parent or guardian will be there to support you during your appointment and the member of the ELHC team you see will likely ask to talk to both of you to begin with. Should in case you are shy to talk in front of your parent/guardian, ELHC team member will ask if you’d like your parent/guardian to leave for a while to give you the space to talk on your own. They might also ask you to leave and just talk to your parent/guardian, but this does not always happen (if this does happen then you will just wait in the waiting room where there are often activities that you can do).

This appointment is usually an hour and a half hour long; however, it tends to go past very quickly.

Some common questions that usually come up during this appointment are:

  • How long have you been facing these problems?
  • How has your mood been lately?
  • What would you like to achieve or change?
  • How do you think we can help you best?</li?
  • How do you get on with your family?
  • What is life at school like for you?
  • How are you feeling at the moment?
  • Is anyone concerned about your safety at the moment?
  • Do you have anyone you are currently talking to about your mental health?

ELHC provide affordable assessment and therapy to our clients. Depending on your requirement, a member from our team would be happy give you a quote.

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