It’s important to understand that your child may well be feeling worried at this time, and that this is normal. Encourage them to talk about their concerns, and reassure them that their feelings are valid and that you are there to support them.

Help with exam preparation practicalities

Helping your child to plan a realistic revision timetable, which breaks the days and subjects down into manageable chunks, will reduce their anxiety by increasing their sense of control and confidence. It will also help ensure everything is covered.

Discuss different revision techniques and help your child to identify which suit them best. It could be making flashcards or mind maps, watching online revision videos or talking questions through. If there are topics your child finds particularly difficult, make sure their revision plan targets these. And offer support by listening to a recap or testing them on what they have learned, if they find this is helpful.

Do ensure your child has a distraction-free place to study too. This could be a school or public library if there isn’t a suitable space at home.

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